Monday, March 15, 2010


I took a trip to Seattle with 4 of my sisters, my mom and my Aunt Barbara. Kevin was nice enough to take time of work just to watch the boys. I was a little scared about leaving them for that long. Not that Kevin wouldn't do an awesome job but because I would miss them so much. I did fine and the boys had tons of fun with their dad. We did lots of stuff that we hadn't ever done before and got to hang out with just the girls. This is me at the Space Needle. I would not recommend this to anyone. Sure go to it and look at it from the ground but don't pay the 17 bucks to go up to the top.

Here is mom, Kim and Heather at the top. We only spent about 15 minutes up at the top and we could have left in like 3. Anyway...

This was our last adventure right before we had to leave to come home. Melanie found this place where they "help" you do glass blowing. I think this was most of the girls favorite thing. This is a pic of me trying to keep the blog of glass on the end of the pipe. Our teacher had been doing this for 13 years. His name was Shane. We also had another guy helping some of us named Jake.
Here are Jana, Heather, and Kim waiting their turn don't they look excited.

My favorite thing about Seattle is Pike Place. It's so fun just to sit back and watch people and everything is so pretty. Look at all these fresh veggies they always look so beautiful.

At the market they have these huge bunches of flowers for 5 bucks. Jana bought these and brought them back to our hotel to enjoy while we were there.
This is a little gross but interesting at the same time. This whole wall is covered in gum. It's right outside of Pike Place. If you look at Kim's face in this pic she looks totally grossed out. She was trying to smile but I don't think she could get past the grossness of the gum.
It didn't seem to bother me or Jana.
So we started out with a "Duck Tour". This is where you ride around in this vehicle that can drive on the road and then goes right in to the water. It was really fun. We got to see Seattle and act stupid. It was freezing cold but I think it was totally worth it.

Thanks Kevin for letting me go. You are the bestest ever :)