Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween fun!!!

Here are some pictures from our Halloween Festivities!!!
The Payne Family at our 2010 Halloween Par tay!! Woot Woot
Me and Beans at our friend Halloween party.
The super cute mug I painted. It looked like it would be the easy choice but it sucked to paint.
This is what Nate did to Ben when I asked him to get Ben to look at the camera.
Most of the kids at the pumpkin carving party we had in the garage. Ben and Noah don't like the whole picture thing so this is the best we could get.
The Jensen Family.
The Hardy family.
Everyone at the Par tay!!!
Jana and Melanie.

The Gibson Family (Stop sign, Lady Bug, Alien, and Buzz)

Ben and Nate in the maze!
Ben found some old corn on the ground and picked it up and started chewing on it. Oh well I'm sure he has eaten grosser things.
This is at Dad's work. Ben was trying to steal Noah's sucker and Noah was very mad.
Cute little Beans.
Nate Dog and his buddy Ashton. Or should I say Dragon and Buzz.

We had so much fun this year. The pumpkin patch, the friend party, the family party, going to dad's work but we found out that we went a little overboard when Nate wouldn't go trick or treating cause he was sick of it. Oh well live and learn. I hope everyone had a exciting and safe halloween.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pics of the boys

Here are some of the pictures we had taken of the boys. They turned out good but how could they not look at those cute little boogers.