Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Pictures

Here we have tator at the pumpkin patch. We went to pick out some pumpkins and have some fun. Unfortunately I think I always have more fun than the boys at these things. Hopefully they will remember it when then get older and think to themselves remember when we would go to the pumpkin patch and not remember when mom would make us do all this stuff we hated.
I can't get Ben to smile when I take his pics. He is too worried about what I'm doing instead of smiling. Oh well I think he's cute anyway.
Here another non smile pic of ben. I took some pictures of him and nathan before I had them professionally taken. I shouldn't have wasted the "happy Ben" time cause he was sure mad when Korie was taking them.
Here is tator on a tractor also at the pumpkin patch. He was supposed to be in a different picture with all his friends but he's always doing his own thing so I just let him.
Here is Ben, Nathan and Ashton on the pumpkin wagon. Ashton and Nate played on this thing forever. We caught them throwing the pumpkins off the wagon a few minutes after this was taken. Crazy boys.
Ben and Nathan in our front yard in the leaves. This was the only picture that both of them were looking at the camera.
Ben and Tator at the pumpkin patch with the big pumpkins.
My cutie boys :) Oh how I love them (most of the time).

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hike to the Hot Pots!!

You will never believe what we did!! We (Jana, Me, Kevin, Tator, and Ben) went on a 5 mile hike. I know for most people that would be no big deal but for me and my fat butt it was like running a marathon. This was the best hike to go on because the reward at the end was being able to sit in the hot springs. It felt so nice to soak our tired legs in the hot water. At first I was trying to keep Ben out of the water because there was no where to lay him down but then Kevin said just strip him down and get him in. So I did. He loved it I think he's so cute with his winter hat and his diaper :) Tator was so cute when we were getting ready to hike back down he said "thanks for taking me to the outside bath dad."

Here is Kevin and Nate on the bridge. Kevin carried him the whole way he did such a good job.
Here is Jana, Nate, Ben and me relaxing in the water it was so nice.
Here is Jana and Ben on the Bridge. Jana carried Ben most of the way up the mountain. Good thing she came or I would have turned back.
This is Ben and me on the trail. It was so pretty. My friend Natalie said when your on a hike "don't forget to look up." I kept thinking that and I'm glad I did.
Here is the wildlife we saw. Jana almost got pooped on as we were passing these cows ha ha ha.
Here is some more wildlife. Some weirdo BYU students decided to bring llamas up to pack all their stuff. The funny part is that when we passed them on the way back down the trail some kid was packing all the stuff and the llamas were just along for the ride. When we got back down the trail they were trying to convince these poor llamas to get in a van, not a horse trailer or something logical like that but just a regular old van.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

No more binks and other random stuff

Lately I have felt like a not so good mom. Here are a few examples of why. Nathan is almost 3 and he still had his binkis until yesterday bad mom move number 1. We decided it was time to get rid of them. It hurt my heart to think of taking them away because he loves them so much but it was time. As I'm sitting here blogging about them he's begging his dad for one :(
We told Tator that he could have anything he wanted ( within reason) if he paid for them with his binks( bad mom move number 2 ). He decided he wanted fish so that's what he got. We gathered all his binks up and put them in a baggie and headed to petco. Nathan picked out a sweet looking black moor goldfish. We decided we would name him Frank. We walked up to the register and I gave Nate his baggie full of binks and said here you go pay for them with your binks he handed them right over while I whispered to the lady behind the register just throw them away when we leave. She smiled and took them like they were gold. So far so good right??? Frank has a sweet tank that changes colors Nate likes to ask us "which one you want?" then he will change the color accordingly. We decided Frank needed a girlfriend so we went and got a orange goldfish named Shirley to keep him company. Later on that night my sister came over with her family and they asked him what the names of the fish were and he insisted that the black one was Toph and the orange one was Toke so I guess Frank and Shirley have been renamed :) So that night Tator was crying and screaming for a binki so I told him sorry Tator you bought Toph and Toke with your binks we don't have them anymore. He said to me "take them back I want my binki". I laid with him til he cried himself to sleep. Sad :( Today was good he only asked for them 2 times until it was bedtime and he's upstairs in bed right now crying for them. My heart is breaking.
Here is a pic of bad mom move number 3. This happened while I was on the computer.
This is just a cute picture of my boys in their Halloween pajamas. I love Halloween.

Nate is growing up so fast it makes me sad. He is super smart he already knows all his letters and the sound each one makes. He can find and name 7 of the states on a map. He's very sweet and kind. The other day some older ladies from my ward came over to our house to bring Ben a blanket. I could hear Nate in the kitchen getting in the fridge. He came out with two bottled waters and gave them to the ladies it was so cute it melted my heart and made me laugh a little. I don't want him to grow up anymore. I want to freeze him at this age. I just hope that all my bad mom moments don't screw him up too much.