Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Half!!

Let's just say when Michelle Wise asked me if I wanted to run a half marathon in August I thought she was crazy but said ok anyway (the race was at the end of October). Boy am I stupid. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Up to this point I had only ever ran 4 miles at one time. I had just barely started running in June and took the whole month of July off because of girls camp and youth conference. So every workout I did was another "what am I thinking" moment. I kept plugging along running and running and running. Michelle warned me that it would be hard and boy was it. My first 6 mile run I was like are you freaking kidding me I can't run 2 times this plus another mile. Then we did 8 holy crap I totally ran to DI in Centerville!! Then we did 10 I thought I was going to die and I'm sure everyone was sick of hearing me say it. Then we did 8 again not so bad this time. Then we were supposed to do 12 but ended up doing 10 again and that was not so bad either. I thought to myself I got this, I can totally do 13.1. Then a ward member passed away and I was totally preparing myself to run the race alone because the funeral was the day of the race. I told Michelle she didn't need to worry about me that I would make it no matter what. She said no I'm running the race I'm not going to leave you. What a sacrifice!! I know she wanted to be there for her friend in her time of need but I'm glad she knew I needed her too. The day of the race came and I was totally nervous but was super distracted by all the fun costumes.We are a "Running Rainbow" in case you couldn't tell :)

Kevin was there to drive us up to the start so we could sleep in another hour. He took pictures and while we didn't talk a lot I was so happy just knowing he was close. We danced and got our pictures taken and hung out. We start moving out to the starting line.
I was totally still having fun. We started the race and look I'm still having fun!!! We were totally flying down the mountain.

The first 5 miles were pretty much the fastest I have ever ran. I was like man this is way easier that I was thinking it would be. Then we hit flat ground. I could totally tell I was getting slower but still doing really good for me (remember I'm still fat). I kept running Michelle kept me distracted by telling me stories and making me laugh. The next few miles flew by. I hit the 10 miles mark. 10.1 was officially the most I had ever ran!!! I gave a little cheer!!

Then mile 11 hit. I don't know what happened but I was doubting myself big time. Saying out loud "I'm going to quit this is stupid. Why on earth did I ever think I could do this?" I was literally crying. Michelle said to me "that's the devil don't doubt yourself now,
look how far you've come". I was like "I don't care I'm embarrassed I don't want to finish. I'm too slow this is just embarrassing" She said to me "don't you dare stop, you will be so mad at yourself." I kept plugging along. Running pretty much the slowest mile of my life. I said a little prayer and listened to Michelle's encouraging words. It was still so hard. I got to the last half mile and here come Sally and Laura they started running with us!! Then I saw Natalie cheering from the side!! Then came Sherisse!! Look at how many people were there to watch me succeed.
Then I saw the finish line!! Kevin was there taking pictures and cheering me on. The best feeling ever was crossing that line. Thinking about all the people who were cheering me on was the greatest. I saw my boys and I was so happy they got to see me do something seeming impossible. I totally couldn't have done it with out any of those people. Especially Michelle.
I didn't cry at the finish line because I was so happy just to be done, but I am crying now just thinking about how grateful I am for the support I had and the great thing I just accomplish. It is totally a life changing thing. PS I didn't even walk. I ran the whole freaking thing!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer is Here!!!

Oh my heck summer is finally here. We have been outside playing going to the zoo and to parks and hiking. Every spring we look forward to the baby quail that are always in our yard. These poor little things got stuck in our backyard. We could hear the mom freaking out and chirping like crazy so Kevin and the boys build this ramp for them to be able to get out of our yard back to their mom. One kept going the wrong way so I pick him up on a plate and carried him to the fence. Too bad I put him on opposite side of the fence the other ones went. whoops I hope he found a way to his family :(
The boys looked so hot playing outside in the back so I turned on the hose and let them play in the water. They had so much fun.
Look at Nate's face, it looks like he is having the time of his life.
Ben not so much. He was pissed cause Tator took the hose from him.
All better :)

Preschool Advancement !!!

Nate is done with his first year of preschool. Mrs Alby made sure that we called it "advancement" and not "graduation" Nate did so good in preschool. At first he was having trouble because he would get upset when the other kids wouldn't do what Mrs Alby said and he would cry. We made him and chart and everyday that he didn't cry he got a sticker and when he got 10 stickers he got to buy a prize. After we started that he was good to go. Here is Nate with his friend Micah.
This is Nate's buddy Camden. He was afraid of Camden for a while because he was a little wild. He actually broke a toy that Nate brought for show and tell and the next day his grandma and him gave Nate and "e-mail" with some money in it to pay for the toy he broke. He told his grandma that he was really sorry and he wanted to give Nathan an e-mail. How cute :)
Mrs. Alby said in the program that Nate was the boy in the class that makes sure everyone is following the rules. I think he might get that from me. whoops sorry tator :(
This is Nate on the Last day of preschool.
Nate on the first day of preschool. He looks bigger don't you think ??? We are so proud of you Nathan Cole Gibson. I don't know what we would do without you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who would have thought???

So as most of the people that read my blog know my dad passed away almost seven years ago. It's strange to me how he keeps showing up. Not his influence because even though he is gone he is still a big influence in pretty much everything. But his actual face and this time even his voice. Here is a youtube video that none of us even knew existed that my brother-in-law found the other day. Even though he was just talking about stuff I didn't really understand or care about it was awesome to hear his voice. I love you and miss you dad :) My dad shows up about minute 1:38.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Christmas was so fun this year. We went to Wyoming to spent it with my mom, Jana, and Melanie. Nate was really excited and that made Ben really excited even though he didn't really know what was going on. Here is the living room at my mom's house on Christmas eve.
Here is the best picture I could get of the boys on Christmas eve in their Christmas jammies :)
Christmas morning the boys slept in we woke up to Melanie pounding on the floor at about 8. All Nate wanted this year was a sonic gumball machine. On Christmas Eve Nate decided to change the gumball machine to number 3 and a DS to number 1. Nate likes to prioritize everything so this means he now wants a DS instead. Luckily Santa found one at Walmart on the way to grandma's house :)
Nate and his games. Hopefully he doesn't turn into one of those guys that lives with his mom until he is forty because all he does is play video games.
Santa brought this awesome car ramp for Ben. He loves it. He plays with it for hours.
Here is Ben testing out some of his play food he got. He loves the corn :) Later on that day most of my sisters and brother came and we play some Minute to Win it games. We didn't get any pics or videos but we totally should have it was a blast. I think my Brother in law Bren was the all time winner. He got all twelve bells out of the kleenex box in less than 3 seconds. Now that's some bootie shaking.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We finally made it to the Happiest Place on Earth!!! A year ago we told Nate when he turned 4 we could go to Disneyland. We took just Nate with us and had a blast!!!
Here we are on the train. This was actually the last night we were there and we were riding the train around the park to avoid the crowds and rest or poor feet.
How many people can you fit in a tea cup??? The answer is 7. Kevin not pictured because he can't do spinny rides.
Nate with Sully. He wasn't so sure about it but he humored us :) The picture doesn't show it real well but he backed up right under sully belly and was leaning forward.
Some of us girls took the little ones back to the hotel and the boys went crazy. So crazy they broke splash mountain. They were acting like the bobsled team and busted the ride on their fourth time around. Here they are sitting on the ride with the lights on while they tried to repair it but they ended up having to walk out. Way to go guys.
This is Toy Story Midway Mania. This was one of Nate's favorite rides. We went on it about a million times good thing it was my favorite also.
Nate with Mickey!!!
Nate with Mcqueen.
Everyone in line for Toy Story Mania. (kevin is taking the pic)
Nate and mom on the jungle ride.
Buzz and Woody I mean Nate and Dillon.
This is Dad and Nate on the Buzz ride. After this one Nate said "Buzz is so happy we helped him get Zurg".