Monday, September 21, 2009

Curly Mullet and the Gang

This is a super funny picture I found the other day. This is Me (the one in front with the sweet curly mullet), my cousin Emily who I know reads my blog and I hope this pic will brighten her day, my cousin Holly who I think also reads it sometimes, my cousin Darcy and my cousin Bree. I'm not sure who the girl in the red shirt is but I remember her being around alot. We were all around the same age and we had really good fashion sense don't you think.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Another guess who's who

When I remember I try and take pictures of the Ben when he is wearing something I know I have a picture of Nate wearing the same thing. So here's another who's who game. I think it's getting easier to tell them apart but maybe it's just cause I'm their mom.

Baby Blessing

Sunday was Ben's big day. My mom and I went to pick out his blessing outfit and we got it home and I tried it on him and it wouldn't fit over his big melon. Both my boys have very cute but very giant heads. Ben ended up wearing Nathans which was totally fine with me. It made me realize how much they really do look alike. Kevin gave Ben a wonderful blessing. I was a little stressed about the lunch but it turned out really good. Thanks for coming everyone and thanks for helping out. I couldn't have done it without you.

Thanksgiving Point

I have been a lot more active after having Ben than I was with Nathan. I think it's because I have a toddler that needs to get out of the house. The other day we went to Thanksgiving Point to the animal farm. The Kids loved it. Here is Nathan, Macie and Ellie looking at chicks and riding a plastic cow very funny don't you think? I always wonder if Nathan will still be friends with these cute girls when he is in High school :) I also wonder if they will still call him Tator. We got to go on a wagon ride. I was pointing things out for Tator to look at while on the ride and all he wanted look at was the poopie horse. He kept saying look mom a poopie horse. Whatever makes him happy right???