Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of Preschool!!!

Nates first day of preschool!! Where does the time go? I swear just yesterday we were wishing we could even have a baby. Now we have 2 and Nate is going to preschool. Nate was so excited to go to school today. He picked out his shirt and we went shopping for the perfect back pack. If any of you know Nate you know this is the perfect back pack. Kevin asked Nate if he wanted this one or a different one and Nate said "Dad if you see something with Mario Kart Wii on it you should always buy it". So we did :)

Here is Nate and his first day of school shirt. He picked this one because it has lots of 2's on it. Kevin took him to breakfast and he was super giggly. He thought everything dad said was super funny. I think he was just really excited for school. When I dropped him off I went in with him and he had no cares in the world. There were 2 other boys already there and they were off. He was so excited to be there I couldn't even be sad. I just said bye Nate can I have a hug and he said nope love you mom:)
This was his favorite game at the preschool carnival Miss Alby had for her new kids a few weeks ago. This got Nate pumped up for the first day.
Here is Nate with Miss Alby in his classroom. I think it's so cute the way they are looking at each other in this picture. I think Nate is going to have an awesome year. We shall soon see. Happy first day of school everyone!