Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flaming Gorge!!

We went to Flaming Gorge last month and Nate got to meet Smokey the Bear!!! He was the only kid that got to have his picture taken with him. We learned about good fire and bad fire. Topher will be glad to know that Nathan now knows that your arm being on fire is bad and candles on a birthday cake is good fire.
We had so much fun hanging out and going out on the boat. Unfortunately I never had my camera at the actual lake and I'm not that good at remembering to take pictures anyway. Here are some of the cute boys playing in Luke's FJ. There was only one little drama when one of them decided it was a good idea to spray Bear spray in the others eyes. The area was evacuated quickly and all was good once the bear spray cleared.
Here is my messy little Beans. He did really good camping but he sure was dirty. Oh well he's still cute.
This was the cage we set up for the kids to play in and it worked really well for a little while. Ben really only liked it if the other kids would stay in there with him.
Here is a pre-skit picture of the Super Mario Bros. featuring blue toe tog.
Everyone here was enjoying the skits!! Thanks again for inviting us Hardys we have a great time every year!!!.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mario Bros.

Here is the long awaited Super Mario Bros. skit that Nate Jake and Daine did for our family reunion. It's wicked awesome. Enjoy!!