Sunday, July 18, 2010

The cutest load of laundry I've ever seen!!!

Wouldn't we all like to do laundry more if this is what came out the other side!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ben's first birthday!!

WOW time flies when your having fun!! Ben is 1!!! Ben is such a funny little thing. He loves to pound on things and carry around spoons or drum sticks and hit things with them. The other day Nate was yelling"Ben stop that you are hurting me" I said to Nate " He's just a baby he's not hurting you" I turned around to see what was happening and Ben was whacking Nate over and over with a drum stick with the biggest smile on his face.

We had Ben's party at my sister's house early because Kevin was going out of town. It was great!!! Heather made both of the cakes :) Yes ben had 2 cakes for his first birthday. The one is a sandbox cake and the other an octopus cake. Kevin even helped decorate them.

This face he's making in this picture is what Kevin and Nate do when they are concentrating. It's so funny that all 3 of them do it.
Ben loved eating his own cake. He thought he was so big. He has 5 teeth now so I guess he is getting big:)
More toys!!! Ben didn't really open any of his own presents but he sure had fun watching the other kids open them.
Yum cake. I'm so grateful for my little Benner Dennis. I don't know what I would do without this wild man.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Swim Lessons

Summer is here!!! This summer we put Nate in swimming lessons with a few of his cute friends from the ward. The lessons were everyday at 9:30 for 2 weeks. It was a little bit of a challenge getting out of the house everyday by that time but we made it. One day I did have to call Natalie to take Nate because my car wouldn't start but other than that it was great.

This was the best picture I had with all the kids in his class. Gracie, Macie, Scout, Eric and Nate. There was another little girl in his class but I didn't know her. The first day the pool was really cold and I don't think that helped Nate's excitement for the water. He kept saying "I want you mom" but his teacher(Mrs. Eggett) would have nothing to do with it. She is so great she doesn't care if the kids are screaming or crying she makes them all do whatever she asks at least once. They all love her for it.
Here is Scout and Nate doing kicks on their backs. Aren't they so cute.
Nate "swimming" with Mrs. Eggett. One of the days Mrs. Eggett noticed that Nate knew the difference between left and right and she said to him "Nathan you are such a smart boy you should come to my preschool" Nate just agreed. Then she said " I'm so glad you are in my swim class" nate's reply was "your welcome". He is such a funny little boy.

On Friday's all the kids got to pick their favorite thing to do. Nate tried to convince Mrs. Eggett that they needed to play Wii but then Mrs. Eggett changed it to favorite thing from swimming :) Two of the kids picked jumping off the diving board and that made 2 of the other kids very very very sad and Nate wasn't all that happy about it either. Then when it came around to Nate he picked that again and poor Eric and Gracie burst into tears and Nathan just said "I'll stay here" as he sat safely on the stairs.

I think overall Tator loved it and he way more confident in the water.