Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preschool Advancement !!!

Nate is done with his first year of preschool. Mrs Alby made sure that we called it "advancement" and not "graduation" Nate did so good in preschool. At first he was having trouble because he would get upset when the other kids wouldn't do what Mrs Alby said and he would cry. We made him and chart and everyday that he didn't cry he got a sticker and when he got 10 stickers he got to buy a prize. After we started that he was good to go. Here is Nate with his friend Micah.
This is Nate's buddy Camden. He was afraid of Camden for a while because he was a little wild. He actually broke a toy that Nate brought for show and tell and the next day his grandma and him gave Nate and "e-mail" with some money in it to pay for the toy he broke. He told his grandma that he was really sorry and he wanted to give Nathan an e-mail. How cute :)
Mrs. Alby said in the program that Nate was the boy in the class that makes sure everyone is following the rules. I think he might get that from me. whoops sorry tator :(
This is Nate on the Last day of preschool.
Nate on the first day of preschool. He looks bigger don't you think ??? We are so proud of you Nathan Cole Gibson. I don't know what we would do without you.

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  1. Okay- I'm just realizing that his teacher is my friends mom! Too funny! I've been in that DARLING preschool! So cute! I had to call my friend and tell her what a small world it is! Gee I have cute nephews!